What is Balansa Clover?

Balansa clover is a cool-season annual legume native to the northeastern Mediterranean region.
It is highly versatile with applications on:

Balansa clover is a quick germinating, single taproot plant that persists under heavy grazing.
At maturity it is capable of producing large amounts of hard seed.

What makes FIXatioN™ Special?


FIXatioN's bag-per-acre ratio is up to 30% less than that of other legumes making it ideal for planting alone or as part of a mixture. It's tiny seed means a little goes a long way.

As a nitrogen-fixing cover crop it reduces the need for expensive fertilizers. When properly maintained it can regenerate itself from seed for up to 3 years.

Cold Tolerance

FIXatioN was bred to endure low temperatures, unlike most other Balansa clovers. It's rosette growth habit causes it to hug the ground for warmth.

A Ground Breaking Cover Crop

A Fabulous Forage

FIXatioN is an excellent forage producer in the spring and early summer months that is capable of withstanding multiple cuttings and grazings. Active growing leaves along the stem allows for much better recovery as compared to other annual clovers.

It is highly palatable to livestock with the ability to produce 5,250 lbs of digestible forage in a single cutting and excels in pastures due to it's nitrogen producing properties. The nitrogen is released annually back in to the soil for use by other grasses.

A Wildlife Wonder

Balansa clover is great addition to wildlife mixes. It provides a tasty and nutritious supplement high in crude protein. It has been proven through forage trials to be a favorite among waterfowl and deer throughout the USA.

FIXatioN can and will contribute to greater body mass and rack size in your deer population.

Forage Testing Results

Components As Sampled Basis Drymatter Basis
% Moisture 87.2
% Dry Matter 12.8
% Crude Protein 3.6 28.4
% Available Protein 3.5 27.3
% ADICP .1 1.1
% Adjusted Crude Protein 3.6 28.4
Soluble Protein % CP 39
Degradable Protein % CP 72
% NDICP .7 5.1
% Acid Detergent Fiber 2.2 17.1
% Neutral Detergent Fiber 3.3 25.4
% Lignin .5 4.2
% NFC 4.8 37.5
% Starch .4 2.9
% WSC (water Sol. Carbs.) 2.2 17.4
% ESC (Simple Sugars) 2.2 17.1
% Crude Fat .5 4.0
% Ash 1.26 9.86
% TDN 9 71
NEL, Mcal/lb .10 .79
NEM, Mcal/lb .10 .77
NEG, Mcal/lb .06 .49
Relative Feed Value 277
% Calcium .12 .96
% Phosphorus .05 .39
% Magnesium .03 .22
% Potassium .38 2.95
% Sulfur .04 .35
% Chloride Ion .04 .35
% Lysine .19 1.47
%Methionine .06 .45
Horse DE, Mcal/lb .17 1.3

Planting Instructions

Monoculture In Mixes
Seeding Rate 5 lbs/acre drilled
8 lbs/acre broadcast
3 lbs/acre drilled
5 lbs/acre broadcast
Seeding Rate 1/8-1/4 inch
Ideal Soil Soil pH of 4.5-8.0, tolerates poorly drained soils with moderate salinity.